Business scope

We have a strong technical team and proficient in many fields.We can create all kinds of naked-eye holographic display, holographic interaction and other scenes. We can provide intelligent hardware/software solutions of Iot and non-Iot to customers according to your needs. We are also developing our own humanoid walking robot.

Holographic display

Pyramid holographic display,Immersive environment,Water curtain projection,Stage holographic display,Interactive projection,Fan advertising display,RuiJiHG display,3DMapping

Intelligent hardware

Control solution of Intelligent telescopic Motor(Iot | Non-Iot)


Network Station Construction, Mini Program, App,Data Collection,Big data Analysis

Intelligent robot

Humanoid walking robot,Remote intelligent visual transport machine vehicle

About Us

JiChuangYiXiang is an intelligent innovative technology company, We own a lot of patents. We has participated in innovation and entrepreneurship competition and won many honor. Our slogan is Use extremely creative and realize whimsical fantasy.


Contact Us

Room 607, Microsoft Game Innovation Center, Fuxi Road, Dachang County, Hebei Province